Author :Andru_9788
Latest Release : Chapter 350 - NSFW


<p>Ji Yao, the future Pirate King rescued a pitiful boy from the goodness of his heart only to find out that pitiable looking lad was far from the word pitiful.</p><p>Calling him a wolf pup in sheeps clothing wouldnt be an exaggeration. Like they say watch what you pick up and bring home with you.</p><p>As they journeyed across the continent slaying creatures and half breeds that stood in their way all the wolf pup could think of was:</p><p>My husband is cute,</p><p>Or</p><p>When can we will nightfall come so we can cuddle,</p><p>Or</p><p>Husband smells so good. I want to bite him.</p><p>Ji Yao who had woken up with a bite mark, "......"</p><p>Lets Voyage together and witness a relationship designed by fate blossom into a power couple born from powerful Nocru clans.</p>

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