Chapter 348 - Giving Benefits
Author :Fallen Clothing Becomes Fire
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Chapter 348 - Giving Benefits

As a result, Gu Zuo nodded without the slightest hesitation: What big brother says is right. He thought of something, and said, I have also received lots of care from the palace master. He should have many spirit medicines with less than forty percent spirituality, but as for the ones with fifty to sixty percent spirituality, Ill give one stalk to the palace master Will it be okay to count this into big brothers filial piety?

Tianheng heard what Gu Zuo said, and his expression slightly softened: Many thanks, Ah Zuo.

Gu Zuo shook his head: Ah, is there still a need to be this courteous between me and big brother? If it isnt for the fact that I need to stockpile more medicinal ingredients here, it would be fine to give all of it to the palace master. The palace master treasures big brother and protects me. I need to express both of our gratitude to him as well.

Tianhengs gaze softened even more, but he didnt say much else on this topic. He only ruffled Gu Zuos hair: Ah Zuo, store half of the spiritual source into the storage space. Your elder brother will take the rest to deliver it to master.

After he finished speaking, Tianheng took out that long-necked bottle, and handed it over to Gu Zuo.

Gu Zuo caught it, and his arms buckled So heavy!

Fortunately, his current strength wasnt just for show. He swiftly steadied his grip, and took off the cover.

After that, he focused his thoughts, and extracted half of the spiritual source inside. He condensed the liquid into a ball as it hovered within a region of his storage space. Following which, he handed back the bottle with the remaining half of the spiritual source.

Tianheng smiled, turned around, and departed: Ah Zuo, Ill be going to pay my respects to master.

In the back, Gu Zuo waved his hand: Big brother, come back soon!

Once Tianhengs receding figure disappeared, Gu Zuo went to his own medicine refining room, took out some of the source sand, and started researching.

The first task he currently faced was this Originally, the source sand had formed from the integration of the impurity-free mud and radiated energy. As such, when pill refining, would the impurity-free mud have to be filtered out, or would it be refined in its entirety? If it was filtered out, the radiated energy wouldnt have anything to adhere to. In the end, would the energy precipitate as pure crystals, or would the energy simply fade away?

This was quite a headache

On the other side of things, after Gongyi Tianheng walked out of the residence, he summoned a wild bird. He jumped onto it, and flew directly to the Blood Transformation Palace Hall.

In front of the Blood Transformation Palace Hall, there were many guards. All of them were iron-blooded, austere, and filled with vigilance. However, when they clearly saw the wild bird land, and realized that the visitor was Tianheng, their expressions became deferential.

They all recognized Tianheng, and knew that this was an all-star prodigy.

Moreover, they understood that, if Tianheng could make breakthroughs at a steady pace and could set a sufficient reputation for himself in the future, then the position of the young palace master couldnt be entrusted to anyone except for him!

As a result, the guards treated him with extreme respect.

Tianheng gestured at the crowd of guards: I have come to pay my respects to master. I hope that these sirs will notify him.

The guards naturally responded with dutiful voices, and quickly sent someone to make a report. At the same time, their impressions of Tianheng improved.

With Tianhengs identity, nothing wouldve happened if he charged straight inside. However, he was willing to wait here, which gave them face.

How could the dignity of an all-star prodigy make them unhappy?

Soon, the guard who made the report returned: The palace master is inside the palace hall. Prodigy Gongyi Tianheng, please enter!

Tianheng slightly nodded his head. After that, his figure flashed past. His entire person had already appeared over a hundred meters away. With another faint movement, he vanished through the palace gates.

The eyes of the numerous guards were overwhelmed with shock.

This kind of body technique was even faster than when he came last time!

Not long after, Tianheng entered the Blood Transformation Palace Hall.

At this time, the palace hall was empty. Only the Blood Transformation Palace Master was still inside.

As before, the exceptionally handsome palace master was wearing a full-body, blood-red robe. At this moment, he looked towards the arriving Tianheng, and his eyes contained a kindly and amiable gaze. It would cause a persons heart to feel calm and comfortable.

He smiled: This apprentice has smoothly returned and has secured the reputation of an all-star prodigy. It comforts this teachers heart.

Tianheng also smiled: This disciple has finally lived up to masters expectations.

The master and apprentice shared a few words. Overall, it was about the Blood Transformation Palace Masters concern for Tianheng and Tianhengs experiences while eliminating the flood dragon. In addition, he answered some questions that Tiangheng posed, and gave some pointers and explanations.

For a time, it was rather warmhearted.

Afterwards, Tianheng spoke: Reporting to master, my return was a few days late. It was due to an invitation given by Hundred Skies Sects Prodigy Qi Xuanao to explore a cave abode. This disciple obtained some benefits inside. Ive brought these benefits to offer them to master as a small token of this ones sincerity.

The Blood Transformation Palace Master was somewhat surprised. He couldnt help raising an eyebrow: Oh?

Truly, he found this situation to be outside his expectations.

Of course, this wasnt saying that other disciples wouldnt show filial respect to him. Merely, it hadnt been that long since he had accepted Tianheng as an apprentice. With Tianhengs savings, he shouldnt have anything in his possession that could be given to him. Besides, a prodigy-level apprentice differed to some extent compared to other apprentices. Many prodigies were inordinately proud of their own abilities. Any thoughts of reciprocating to their masters wouldnt arise for a long time. Whats more, this was an all-star prodigy.

Originally, the Blood Transformation Palace Master had made preparations. He wanted to spend even more time teaching and guiding so that this apprentice could develope a sense of belonging to the Blood Transformation Palace Hall. Yet now, this all-star prodigy suddenly said that he wanted to show filial piety

But it had to be said that the Blood Transformation Palace Master truly felt gratified.

And once he got a clear look at what his apprentice had offered, the qi emissions of his entire body surged!

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